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The superb artwork of wildlife illustrator Peter Schouten.

Peter is available to create a wide range of original artwork for you.

If it involves animals, real or imagined, plants, or anything with fur or scales. Peter is available to do original artwork for album covers, CD covers, stamps, promotional items, phone cards, books, movies, even pet portraits. Some of Peter's previous commercial art work is shown below. To get an idea of the sort of detail you can expect please scroll down lower to see the sample.

CD Cover showing Science fiction creature

Stamps for PNG Post

Telecom (Telstra) phonecard

What sort of quality can you expect?

click to see more detailQuality Wildlife Art

by Peter Schouten

Image: falanouc


click the image to enlarge it even more, and see the extraordinary care and detail that is the hallmark of all Peter's work

Licencing enquiries and
commissions are welcome

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